Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated and Wake Up Happy

Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated

– Let’s talk about motivation – how do you stay motivated? As entrepreneurs, we work by ourselves most of the time – usually from the home. We do have the luxury of taking our business anywhere we go and we can’t stop working just because we aren’t in the “office”. But we do need to keep ourselves motivated to keep the business from having peaks and valleys in cash flow. So, how do you stay motivated?

Do you wake up motivated or do you need that push? And if you need that push, where do you get it?

I’m lucky, I always get out of bed in a good mood and ready to go. I’ve been doing it for so long that I can’t remember if it is a learned behavior or not. I think it’s something I trained myself to do a long time ago.

You have choices

It is a choice you know. You can choose to wake up grumpy or happy – I choose happy. Now, as I believe this can be a learned behavior there are things that you can do to get yourself in the right mood to start your day. Here’s a few that will get you pointed in the right direction:

Meditate – and I don’t mean Yogi stuff – spend a little quiet time envisioning the day you want.

Be grateful – you figure out what you want to be grateful for but it can be as little as having the quiet time to yourself – or the smell of the coffee brewing while you’re thinking about your day – or even the fresh air you are breathing. Trust me, if you do this the grateful thoughts will just hit you – and you will be grateful for any number of things.

If you are not doing these, do them! They will change your mindset. And, if you do them long enough – they will become a daily routine – and you may just pop out of bed like me!

Two more things

Another thing you can do is exercise, even if it is just 15 minutes. It will get your heart and mind in a better place.

And of course, have a good breakfast. Your mind and body will appreciate it. So, put down the donut, go find yourself a quiet spot, and get your mind right.

If you are already doing this – good for you – just keep doing it. You will be in a better place for it.

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